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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 5, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EST

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everybody. that is what's making news on local es crews are on the way to help victims of sandy. big corporations to people like us, everybody is rallying around the people who lost everything in the storm. how you can help, too. the big day, 2012 election is here, a number of issues for you to decide, everything you need to know before heading to the polls on this monday, november 5th. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. before we get to all the news of the day, we will get to weather. another storm is coming. yes. another storm is coming, coming as we go in to wednesday.
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today is going to be fine, tuesday fines get out and make sure you cast your vote. we are dealing with temperatures at 36 degrees glenn el. frederick 39. bel air 36. a light north westerly breeze at 5- 7 miles an hour. these will be picking up throughout the day. also, with the cold temperatures, dealing with freeze warnings until 8:00. we can see as we lack over in to carroll county, we are dealing this around frederick county, baltimore county, carroll county, frederick, and also in howard county. as you head out the door, be prepared for the cold temperatures, we are going to be dealing with dry weather for today. change will be coming across the area. be prepared for that. no need for the umbrella today. as you head out the door, make sure you have your big coat on, not a light jacket. we can see the temperatures across the board, 48 degrees by lunchtime. a cold breezy day. now a check of the time saver
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traffic with loren cook. bundle up. as you are heading downtown, nothing to get in your way, nice and clear from the beltway, downtown to east fayette. everything is up to speed through the fort mc henry as well as the harbor tunnel. looking at the beltway here on the west side at liberty road, no delays down to 95, if you are traveling the inner loop through pikesville. this is harford road, no problems getting up towards towson this morning. that's a look at the time saver traffic. over to you. this morning a local restaurant and church are heading to teg harbor in new jersey -- the egg harbor in new jersey. the owner and members of the epic church in canton spent the weekend collecting donations. heaters as well. this is for people still without power in new york and new jersey. a van is filled with donations @
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from hns bakery, and steak house. the owner, he is getting cash donations and getting it from ravens players. >> within 15 minutes, they are going to text back to me. they will be in to see me next week. >> coughman plans to make trips every week for the next several months. if you would like to donate, we included drop off locations in the story, find it on when you hear anheuser- busch you think of beer. during the weekend the company shifted to a different beverage. anheuser-busch's georgia based brewery started producing cans of emergency drinking water, donating 44,000 clean cases of water in new york and new jersey, anheuser-busch helped victims of natural disaster by giving away water to those in
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need. new york city marathon may have been canceled. instead of embarking the 26.2- mile race, they stayed in to the community to hope victims, thousands of people were delivering supplies and taking donations door to door. statin island was hit hard by the storm. met life stadium in the wake of sandy, the knock giants played at home against the steelers. before the game there was a tribute honoring the victims. first responders emergency medical personnel and volunteers who helped with the rescue efforts. the giants put up a fight. the steelers won. 24-20. ravens are in ball mow, baltimore. first on resulted in a touchdown and in between then and the last fife minutes in the fourth quarter didn't look good. the ravens trailed the browns
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by one before putting together a drive that sealed the game, final score from cleveland, ravens win, 22-15. ladies night at mt bank stadium, 5000 female fans will join players for a purple evening. this is videos fans will get stadium access, and participate in on field activities. players will be there to sign autographs, the purple evening. it's sold out. it's from 4:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 p.m. here is lynette. let's talk about what is going on, stepping out the door, dealina few clouds, we also will get shall sunshine in here. we will do more of the same. the big story, the cold temperatures and also talking about the nor'easter, moving in here as we go in to wednesday. this is the storm system. this will begin to trek across
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the southeastern states and ride up the coast just in time for wednesday and also thursday. out of the system we could see snow, especially across the higher elevations, accumulations, maybe about a coating on the ground. do be prepared for snowfall to come in as we go in to wednesday night, early thursday morning as temperatures will be cold enough to do so. speaking of the cold temperatures, that's what we are getting this morning, a freeze warning and temperature in manchester, 34 degrees, baltimore 38, shady side, 40. hunting town 39. more of the same rock hall and cambridge 40. feels chillier, we have the winds northwest at 5-10 miles an hour. back to meagan and charlie. if you filled up over the weekend, you may have noticed the gas price us going down. >> is it something we can get used to? same-sex marriage expanded
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gambling the dream act, some of the measures that you are going to be voting for or against tomorrow. do you know what the questions are on the ballot? we will have the answers that you need ahead of election day. every thing is up to speed on 97, 695, how traffic is shaping up on 95 and the beltway on good morning maryland.
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little over 24 hours, heading to the polls, not just to pick the next president of the united states but tackle issues. >> one on the referendum, the same-sex marriage, question number 6 on the ballot. sherrie johnson is live this morning, with a preview of what voters can expect. >> reporter: yes, we are here live in federal hill, later this morning, about 11:00 k martin o'malley will be here in support of question six tackling the issue of same-sex
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marriage. there has been controversy over the question for the past several months with clergy speaking out. when martin o'malley signed the protection act in march, the laws affective date was pushed to january. it gave opponents time to peticks the question onto the ballot of of vote for the land mark law allowing it to go in to effect and permit same sex couples to get married and make maryland the 7th state to approve marriage e quality, it wouldn't force clergy to provide ceremonies. tomorrow, marylanders will head to to the polls to make their voices heard. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. not just same-sex marriage voters will decide on, issue is question 7, gambling expansion
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in maryland. governor o'malley will attends an event in support of question seven. table games will be added to maryland casinos if it passes and another casino built. those in favor it will keep jobs and money in the state. those against it say it will impose cost on taxpayers. supporters of the dream act are holding a rally. officials are expected to gather and montgomery colleges to sill vee spring campus. the dream act is question four on the ballot. it would allow undocumented immigrants to pay instate tuition at public university. a star studded day of campaigning, this as president obama gets ready to face voters one last time before the election. music legend, bruce springsteen is expected to perform. jay-z will take the stage at the ohio event.
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the first lady will join her husband in iowa, the couple will be waiting for election day results in chicago. republican mitt romney will make his final push to voters in battle ground states as well. expected to make stops in virginia, florida and new hampshire, in boston on election day. people will wonder in the weather is going to held them back from voting. >> have the slickers or the boots, maybe an umbrella. this could be a tough day. >> too many it's going to be a dry day. tuesday we will get in on wet weather. a nor'easter will ride along the coast. we see the satellite and radars not picking up on a lot in terms of precipitation. no type of rain or snow for today. clouds around, we are also going to get clearing, you can see this back off in to west virginia and points westward, this will slide in here
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throughout the day. we will get a mix of sun, and some cloud cover, this morning, though, dealing with cold temperatures, we have a freeze warning in effect for counties. harford, baltimore, howard county and also carroll county, in you can see why, look how cold the temperatures are this morning. 35 degrees pilesville, westminster, 36 degrees, columbia at 41, we have a windchill, these 30s, mid-30s, feeling like low 30s to 20s this morning, those winds northwest at 5- 15 miles an hour. here is our nor'easter threat in to wednesday. we have that area of low pressure, which is that coastal storm, nor'easter bringing in windy conditions across the area. we are talking about rain, heavy rain, and also snow in the interior, don't be surprised as we go in to wednesday night, early thursday morning, that you see snow
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flying around in baltimore in the city. that's a possibility. for today, future trend not picking up on a lot. dealing with clouds and sun, and also cold temperatures will remain as we go in to the afternoon. we see change in the forecast in to wednesday. you see all that red, greens out there, that is the nor'easter we are talking about, the system riding up along the coast. this is out, models not in agreement like with sandy. another day or so to see which model comes true. european model brings it in a little bit closer, that's the exact same thing they did with sandy. we will see how this goes, no matter what, we are going to see rain across the area, and very windy conditions as well. take that in to consideration. today the temperature at 50 degrees, that's well below, we should be at 61 degrees for this time of the year. picking up where we left off over the weekend. temperatures below average, we will see that through tonight,
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30 degrees, going with, clear skies, another cold night on tap, 47 degrees in to tomorrow. still chilly, partly sunny. 50, 47, wednesday, the storm moves in. the temperature at 43 degrees, we look at the rest of the seven-day forecast for you, this is what you can expect. thursday, that's when we will see the mix, rain snow mix and also will be drying things out nicely and warming things up as we go in to saturday and sunday as the ravens play oakland. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, as the ravens beat oakland. 62 degrees, not bad. if you are traveling on 95, no problems to report in white marsh, as we use time saver traffic, drive times, notice everything will be up to speed, 14 minutes right now to travel southbound, from the beltway, all the way in to the city. no problems to report, traveling through the fort mc henry or the harbor tunnel.
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as we look at 695, the west side, nice and clear here in baltimore national pike. no problems heading up towards 795, this is where the harrisburg expressway looks like, no problems to report what solve. looking at a normal 22 minute drive time, from the maryland, pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. that's a look at your time save traffic, meagan and charlie over to you. gas prices took the biggest drop in nearly four years, the average for a gallon of gas is down $3.55, that's $0.21 lower than two weeks ago. analysts expect prices will go down 10- $0.20 in the upcoming weeks. we teamed up to make this a day of giving. good morning america will kick off with the hour devoted to relief efforts, view, katie and dancing with the stars will highlight the on going relief efforts and how you can help.
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both president obama and mitt romney are taping interviews that will air during the game, during halftime. ripken foundation is holding the second annual season, tip off fundraiser, taking place at the marriott water front at 10:30, proceeds from the event go towards helping at risk youth. there will be a hearing for u.s. soldier accused of killing several people in afghanistan, robert bails accused of leaving his base under the cover of darkness and gunning down 16 people including nine children in march. he face as death penalty if convicted. one of the greatest rivalries in the country, army- navy. before the mids and cadets can meet, they have to have a match of tug-of-war. part of the contest between
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annapolis and east port. 1700-foot rope goes across for the longest tug-of-war over the water in the world. navy beat army, annapolis. they beat the fire department in east port. in the bar tenders, they crashed giving the win to the other side. >> it's intimidating. i like the position. it was nice to feel like i was leading the pack. >> there is a rivalry. they think annapolis has been the a rise to cattic -- rise cattic. >> they are winning for a second of 7 tugs. it is a slow recovery progress, people in garrett county, where
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sandy dumped several feet of snow. >> why it's taking longer than usual. we will show you. the clean up is moving along in one new jersey coastal town, why officials want to get the board walk rebill as quickly as possible. breakout our iphone, we are looking at maryland's radar, not a lot to see, we are tracking the nor'easter, across the middle of the nation. this is the one that will be possibly bringing us snow and also rain. don't go anywhere, good morning maryland will be right back.
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if you headed to the polls, this comes as no surprise, u.s.a. reporting 29 million u.s. citizens have cast ballot, that includes 34 states and district of columbia. you are looking at what is
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happening in florida during the weekend. a judge extended voting hours in orange county during the weekend after a polling site was shutdown for a number of hours. miami-dade county, voting didn't wrap up until sunday morning, because voters were standing in line when the polls closed and allowed to hang around and vote. i talked to friends of mine, they said what we experienced in maryland is not uncommon with them. people saying they waiting more than 2 hours to cast ballots. even with sandy and extended hours handed down by martin o'malley, lines are wrapped around the building. people are casting early. makes you wonder in the lines won't be as long tomorrow. ems crews from maryland are headed to new jersey to help victims from sandy. going to newark, new jerseym main job is going to be to coordinate ems resources that
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are there. they are helping with the hurricane relief and join other responders providing help to hard hit areas. saturday, a team of 50 doctors, nurses and paramedics left for new york to help with the medical shelters and the hospitals. some working in the er department, others helping in mobile hospitals set up for patient care. garrett county, people are digging out from the snow. most of the roads have been cleared, some people are waking up this morning, in a dark cold house. crews are working around the clock to restore power, the ma jot of the federal and state emergency personnel, they left. most heading to new york and new jersey, to help with are tee leaf efforts in the state. people along the jersey shore are trying to get on their feet after sandy, in the coastal town of bell mar are moving sand off the streets before the sand can get onto the beach. workers will have to sift out the debris, the mayor sees
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progress in the clean up efforts but knows it will be devastating when people start returning home. they say this is the scene in delmar, in bell mar, after sandy ripped through a home and this is what it looked like a river instead of a street. if you look closely, you can see submerged cars. sandy destroyed the board walk. the mayor hopes to have the area rebuilt by memorial day, the stat of the town's tourist season. bell mar is about 18 miles from seaside heights. >> amazing to look at the photograph and realize we are a week removed from. that it's cold now. we are in the 30s, a week ago, a different story. >> people are bracing for another storm, we will have to find out later on how that is looking. you probably want know about today. let's see what you need as you head out the door. a big coat, not a jacket. a big coat, i went to the grocery store, my friend was like i


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